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Digital Vineyard is a six-month remote apprenticeship program that is designed to reduce unemployment and promote the spirit of enterprise through the development of a skilled and globally competitive workforce. The program is a project of The Plenipotent Company and enrolment is completely free.

Program Components

The uniqueness of Digital Vineyard lies in our integrated approach that emphasizes entrepreneurial education for sustainable development.

Our programs are built around proficiency and practical application rather than simply earning another certificate

In addition to knowledge, competencies and skills, we inculcate values, principles and attitudes that make for productive and responsible citizens who appreciate the dignity of work and contribute to sustainable societies.

Every component of the apprenticeship and enterprise development program is geared towards empowering the unemployed and under-employed segments of the active labour force to create marketable value that can then be scaled up into a successful business.

Self-paced Training

The core training is delivered via our online school. You can easily access courses anywhere and anytime as long as you have a laptop with good internet access.

Real Projects

Take on projects that will help you to hone your skills and own your expertise. You also get the satisafaction that comes from contributing to very meaningful projects.

Supportive Community

Digital Vineyard connects candidates with mentors, alumni, prospective clients and relevant resources. This extends beyond the duration of the program.

Coaching Sessions

Candidates receive hands-on coaching and feedback through daily interactions in a virtual work space and weekly interactive sessions via live video.

Book Reviews

Some of our most transformational experiences have come from reading and reviewing selected books. Candidates will review at least one book every month.

Learn and Earn

We provide opportunities, skills and practical training to help candidates earn recurring income, land a dream job or launch a profitable enterprise within six months.


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