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The program is free for all candidates who meet the eligibility requirements and are ready to pay the price of wholehearted commitment. If you are simply looking for a quick fix with little or no effort, please don't apply. But if you are ready to do the work, complete the application form below.

Eligibility Requirements

Have an open mind and a teachable spirit
a. Be willing to discard old ways of thinking and adopt new perspectives.

b. Eager to acquire and apply relevant knowledge and skills by reading recommended books, taking prescribed courses and implementing insights with speed.

c. Follow prescribed procedures and standards of excellence, appreciate correction and accept criticism as an opportunity for improvement.

d. Provide useful feedback for personal development and process improvement.

Always think and act like a leader and an entrepreneur
a. Have an intense aversion for excuses and a strong affinity for diligence and excellence.

b. Seek to complete assigned tasks in such a way that there’s little or nothing to add or remove.

c. Know how to leverage intangible assets like time, words, physical and mental energy, spiritual power, compassion and mutually beneficial relationships to create tangible outcomes.

d. Possess high energy, flexibility, creativity and resourcefulness.

e. Demonstrate a high level of intrinsic motivation, ownership and personal responsibility.

Be ready to improve your communication skills

a. If you don’t know the difference between ‘seize’ and ‘cease’ or ‘I’m’ and ‘am’ please look them up before you read further.

b. If you confuse ‘they’re’, ‘their’ and ‘there’, consider taking lessons in spelling and grammar.

c. If you are yet to master basic rules like subject-verb agreement or if you are in the habit of writing ‘HBD WULLNP’ when sending a goodwill message on someone’s birthday, you have a lot of work to do.

Resist the paradigm of working for money and embrace the attitude of working to learn

a. The coaching program gives you free access to our business training, tools and resources that would ordinarily require an investment of over 300,000 naira.

b. You will be required to complete assigned tasks and actively participate in the business development process, thus allowing you to hone your skills and gain hands-on experience.

c. Be prepared to demonstrate resourcefulness and take responsibility for your personal learning requirements, especially power and internet access.

d. Outstanding candidates will be offered paid projects and other income-generarting opportunities based on level of productivity and performance.

During my very first few months here, I felt everything was rushed and I was actually struggling to keep up. I remember saying “Ah ah na, you guys should be calming down.” But with time, I was able to adapt to the learning process. I’ve learned proper time management, outsourcing and so many other things. There has been a shift in my spiritual life as well. My friends can testify.😂 I’ve also met great and like minded people. And I’m really looking forward to doing more.

Unique Immaculate Ita

University undergraduate

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Complete the form below to begin your application. Each cohort runs for six weeks with an optional opportunity to enlist for six months of further training and remote work experience.


Important Instruction

Once you submit the form, wait for the page to reload and follow the instructions to join the Telegram group for program updates. You can install Telegram on your PC, MacBook, or mobile device at 

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