Service Packages

Review details of service packages for prospecting and follow-up purposes. If you need any clarifications, please contact your supervisor or post your questions on the workspace.

Website Development

The most suitable website for each person, business, or organisation will vary based on specific requirements and budgets. However, everyone can start with one of our standard packages.

Content Marketing

Our content marketing services involve writing high-quality blog posts and facilitating organic promotion. The bundled deliverables afford clients significant cost savings.

Website Maintenance

We have thoughtfully designed our website management packages to offer clients the benefits of having expert webmasters at their service for a small fraction of the actual cost.

Book Publishing

Unlike traditional (print) publishing which requires a minimum volume, our digital publishing service allows clients to print on demand or simply distribute their books electronically.


These service packages are targeted at professional speakers, pastors/ministers, business leaders, and subject matter experts who want to author a book but do not have the time or book writing skills.


With pay-as-you-go rates that allow clients to stay in control of their budget, our transcription services help them save costs while also freeing up more time to focus on what they do best.