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Please complete the form below to nominate yourself for an award at the Enterprise Development Summit and Awards by The Plenipotent Company Limited.

You are qualified to apply if you have participated in our internship, apprenticeship, and graduate training programs at any time.


We may need to send an award plaque or certificate to your address. Please provide your contact details and other relevant information. All of the information provided will be used to determine your suitability for the award and to further drive the objectives of the program.


Proof of Participation

Provide details of significant contributions during your participation in the employability and enterprise development program.

Proof of Achievement

Provide details of significant achievements during and after completing the employability and enterprise development program



Please provide details of an employer, experienced mentor, business leader, or executive of an organization that can attest to the quality of character and competence that you have demonstrated after completing the employability and enterprise development program. Note that this person may be contacted for a reference if you are being considered for a prize or an award.

NB: Referee cannot be an operative or team member at The Plenipotent Company Limited, Brainskills Systems & Strategies, ContentLabs, Digital Vineyard, or other affiliate outfits.


General Feedback

Please tell us what you think about the program now that you have the benefit of hindsight, insight and foresight as a past participant

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