Business Transformation Boot Camp

Save BIG on Tools, Gain LIFETIME Access!

Are you tired of the never-ending subscription fees for essential tools that keep your business afloat? Do you want to streamline your operations, reduce overhead costs and create new income streams by leveraging proven software tools to build a technology-enabled business? If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, request an invitation to attend PlenipotentCo’s exclusive two-day boot camp designed for visionary entrepreneurs like you!

What’s in Store for You?

Say goodbye to overwhelming learning curves and costly subscriptions. Get equipped to grow your business with confidence!

Proven Strategies
For more than six years, we’ve honed the skills for building globally scalable businesses by leveraging technology, intuition, and strategic partnerships to rise above the challenges of our environment. Now, we’re ready to share the secrets of success with you!
Practical Training

At the boot camp that is scheduled to hold from Friday, January 19, 2024 to Saturday, January 20, 2024, we will work with you to install the tools and systems that we have used to consistently multiply our income and impact without the overwhelming distraction of social media activity. You can attend the boot camp at Redemption City of God, Mowe, Nigeria, or join us online. If you’re attending physically, we will provide nutritious meals and decent accommodation at no cost to you.

Personalised Coaching
Elevate your game with a hands-on coaching programme that includes weekly accountability calls, monthly coaching sessions, recordings of mastermind sessions, and sponsored access to all of our courses at Virtual Business School.
Premium Tools

For a one-off investment of 360,000 naira, gain lifetime access to top-tier tools used by multimillion dollar businesses. These tools will help you cancel costly subscriptions, such as:

  • Zoom ($149.90 per year)
  • Canva Pro ($119.40 per year)
  • Hootsuite ($1,188 per year)
  • Mailchimp ($300 per year)
  • Calendly: ($96 per year)
  • Video Production Tools ($680 per year)
  • Various Content Creation Tools ($600 per year)

Total Annual Cost: Over $3,133.3, or 3.63 million naira per year! Get lifetime access to powerful tools that will replace all of these subscriptions for a fraction of the price and with no recurring costs!

Required Investment

This opportunity doesn’t cost; it pays!

We could easily charge one million naira for the personalised coaching alone and it would be more than worthwhile because of the benefits and profit potential for your business. But we are only asking that you invest 360,000 naira for the entire package which includes lifetime access to premium tools for growing your business instead of spending 3.6 million naira per year in subscription costs.

Why You Must Not Miss This Opportunity

Lifetime Value

Replace tools that would normally cost over 3.63 million naira annually with a one-time investment of 360,000 naira.

Risk-Free Guarantee

If you attend the boot camp and don’t feel that you got ten times value for your investment, we’ll issue a refund right there.

Exclusive Access

We’re only taking four serious entrepreneurs to ensure a highly impactful and personalised learning experience.

Backstage Pass

Get a firsthand experience of how we use technology to streamline our operations and grow our business at PlenipotentCo.

Request Your Invitation Now

Don’t miss out! Request your invitation now, and let’s explore if you qualify for this exclusive opportunity! Registration closes at 11:59 a.m. (WAT) on Tuesday, November 28, 2023, or once we have four qualified participantswhichever comes first.

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Business Transformation Bootcamp

What Others Are Saying

You are doing a great job, sir. This tutoring and exposition is worth hundreds of thousands, if you ask me, but you are giving it to us at no cost at all. You are definitely going global in your sphere of influence. God bless you sir!
Adeola Adeyemi

Oil & Gas Professional

Philip patiently walked the road with me; supporting, guiding and answering all my questions. If you’re looking for an honest, helpful and supportive professional to help you online, then Philip is your guy.

Pat Baiden

Personal Brand Strategist

The power of the internet and digital presence is unquantifiable. Great thanks for the good work you are doing. The work is laced with openness, integrity, and empathy. I am so lucky for our paths to have crossed. Thank you!
Steve Balogun

Accounting Professional

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